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The Best 120W Quantum Board

Detailed Description

The Best 120W Quantum board 2021 

1. Features:

1)  Passive heat sinking, no fans, no noise, DIY design.  

2)  Full spectrum with IR and UV, perfect for the full stage of growing.  

3)  With high quality Samsung led chip, Meanwell driver,  quality is guaranteed.

2. Advantages( The best one on the market)

1) Use more led diodes than any other competitors, we use 312pcs led diodes for 120W,  624pcs for 240W.

2) Higher efficiency,the best performance, as led is not fully loaded by current, lower current. 

3) Better heat sinking:  We choose 2x 240w for 480W, each board has heat sinking, so much better than HLG.

4) Nice looking , fewer  defective ratio, we choose integrated PCB for 240W and 480W,  so fewer wiring connections.  

3. Applications:


5. Photos:

6. Spectrum


7. PAR Rating:

8. Packages:

   48x39x13cm/2pcs, G.W.: 5.5KGS

9. Notice:

1, For indoor and outdoor use.  

2, For vision safety,do not look at the light directly when it is operational.

3, Socket must be wired to the earth. 

4, Before use the quantum board, please kindly read the specification.

5, Do not turn on the light before the installation is done.

6. Please do not use the light 24 hours one day Continuously without stop.

7. Maintenance must be done by professional technicians.