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Sungrow 500W Waterproof LED GROW BAR

Detailed Description

Sungrow 500W Waterproof LED GROW BAR 

1. Features:

1) Passive heat sinking, no fans, no noise.

2)  Can be used more widely than other common led grow lights.

3)  With  Samsung LM301H, newest and best led chip for growing.

4) Meanwell driver, quality is there, also the light is evenly spreaded. 

2. Advantages:

1) Use more led diodes than any other competitors, we use 312pcs led diodes for 120W,  624pcs for 240W.
Higher efficiency than others as led is not fully loaded by current.

3)  Waterproof,  can be used for vertical farm, greenhouse which has systematic watering system.

3. Applications:

4. Specifications:


5. Photos

6. Spectrum:

7. PAR Rating: